Long Term Warehousing Calgary


What is Long Term Warehousing Calgary?

Long-Term Warehousing is the process of renting or leasing storage space for an indefinite period. This comes in handy for large companies that need to keep goods in storage for long periods.

Warehouse storage is an integral part of any company’s supply chain. It provides a safe place to store goods prior to distribution. Without warehouse storage, companies would have no way of distributing their products on time or in the right quantities and would risk having too many or too few products. Warehouse storage is especially important in the retail industry, which must carefully balance the amount of inventory on hand with consumer demand.

Benefits of Long-Term Warehousing with Bollea Logistics

Because of our single point of contact service, you will have a dedicated team that works with you to ensure your needs are met by providing guidance and assistance throughout the process for warehousing and storage solutions whether on a long term basis or short term basis.

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Bollea Logistics is a reputable warehousing and transportation company in Calgary with an extensive number of satisfied customers.

Reliable Calgary Warehousing & transportation Company

Bollea Logistics was established in 2009 and has been providing services to the Calgary area for over a decade. Bollea started off as a modest trucking and warehousing company and has since expanded to achieve some outstanding achievements. We have accomplished a great deal by establishing a solid reputation and steadily growing via customer satisfaction. We have always believed in giving the finest possible service to our customers while also safeguarding their assets.

Why You Should Choose Bollea Logistics


Well Maintained Storage Facilities

Climate Controlled Options

Superior Service & Communication

Transparent Rates

Dedicated Trucking Fleet and Drivers

Complete Confidentiality

We Offer Many Services That Our Competitors Do Not.

Your Products Are Handled with Utmost Care

Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Goal

Calgary based Warehousing & Transportation company

We are proud to say that through our dedication and continued services we have become trusted partners to many well-respected companies in Calgary. And we look forward to building many more relationships.

Bollea Logistics Inc is a Calgary based company established in 2009. Our reputation and growth have been built on customer satisfaction.

Our exceptional warehousing capabilities and efficient distribution warehouse allows us to offer many special and unique services at a reasonable rate. Our 60,000 square foot warehouse provides long and short term storage, crossdocking and pick & pack service.

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